Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) is seeking another rate increase. Instead of trying to extort more money from their customers, TUD management needs to address the root cause of TUD’s financial problems, the exorbitant pay of its senior management and underfunded, overly generous pension plan.

If the current TUD’s Board of Directors is unwilling to fix the problem, we the customers need to consider recalling the Board and replacing them with Board Members who will file for bankruptcy, restructure the debt, and renegotiate the union contracts and pension obligations.

TUD rate hike generates little interest in forum
Union Democrat – October 14, 2015
A handful of people attended a community forum Tuesday evening at Columbia College hosted by Tuolumne Utilities District to discuss the reasons for a proposed 80 percent rate increase over five years. …

Rate increase part of TUD 5-year plan
The Union Democrat – September 23, 2015
The district is facing an average shortfall of about $6 million annually over the next five years to cover needed improvements and operating costs. The plan discussed Tuesday would provide about $4 million per year, while the district would rely on low-interest loans and grants to cover the remaining deficit. …

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